Hi! I'm Leanna and I'm going on a Rotary Exchange to Marl, Germany for one year.
Here I will be posting about my experiences in Deutschland over the year :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Here In Deutschland

I arrived here in Marl on August 4. I was picked up at the Dusseldorf airport by my awesome host family. They labelled the whole house in German so that I can learn what everything is called. They have been teaching me so much German, but I still can't carry a conversation. :)

We have done a lot of sightseeing; Frankfurt, Essen, Ludinghausen, and other small towns around Marl. In Frankfurt I saw many old structures important to German's government history. Very culturally rich city. In Essen we went to an old coal factory, as well as a museum showing history dating back to prehistoric times, with artifacts and fossils from Germany. In Ludinghausen we went to a castle (my first German castle!) with a moat, and I really enjoyed that.

School starts at the end of this month, but I still don't know what classes or even what grade I will be in. I will bike to school, I do know that! It is about a 25 minute bike ride. Here in Marl, EVERYONE bikes. You see people of all ages (and I mean ALL - many 70 year olds on their way to the market) biking.

It is harder to drive here because the roads are so narrow and only one car can drive down it at once. So the other driver must pull over to allow the other to pass. Also, you must park on the sidewalk so that other cars can drive past on a residential street.

So far, this exchange has been awesome! Keep checking back for updates!

-Leanna Gruendel

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